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  1. Lewis Lies says:

    Never been any geese on Limekiln but the state park did have a breach In Their septic system that required replacement of the entire system. More likely the cause, DEC.

  2. Mary Ann Simmons says:

    I sent in a comment/question a few days ago, but have not received a response. This was with regard to Michael Virtanen’s article about beach closures. I asked where he obtained his information for this article because no one on Limekiln Lake has ever seen even one goose on the lake! The article stated that the public beach at Limekiln Lake was closed four times this summer due to the presence of E. Coli that was attributed to a high number of geese. The Limekiln Lake Association believes this is inaccurate information and needs to be corrected. Thank you.

    • Tracy Ormsbee says:

      Hi Mary Ann: The information came from DEC. After seeing your comment on Facebook, Michael Virtanen is going back to them to ask about the source of the E.Coli.

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