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  1. Patrick Cummings says

    I love Newcome Lake and your story brought me right back there.
    Trail running is meditation for me also. Don’t give up on your knees too soon. Three meniscus surgeries later and mine tolerate the trails well.

  2. Dave says

    Owned a camp in Newcomb for 51 years. I did this walk many times, often enjoying the sun on the deck of the boat house that used to be adjacent to the Great Camp.Oh, how I miss my stays at the camp in Newcomb and the walks into the Santanoni. The camp was my refuge from a difficult job downstate. Now, no longer able to walk without a walker, I still cherish the memories.

  3. TooFarGone says

    Too bad DEC tore up the roads to Lake Andrew in McIntyre West and the roads from Boreas Ponds towards the North River Mountains and Cheney Cobble in McIntyre East. And now that DEC was attempting to undo the damage done to the existing roads, Protect has sued them to stop it because apparently Bauer is harmed by the sight of the heavy equipment to restore the roads (but apparently it was ok to tear up the roads). What a waste of public resources and loss of miles of opportunity to cross country ski taken away to satisfy the Green Mafia. Sad indeed. Protect the Adirondacks! Inc. v New York State DEC (Albany County State Supreme Court Index No. 900663-23)

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