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  1. Skippy D. says

    If you Fly Over… these “Solar Farms”
    It looks like a plague gobbling up “GreenEarth”…
    Another Plague mabe by China….
    As All of these “Solar Components ”
    Are Made in China….
    And 75% of the parts have Petroleum Roots….
    (Made out of Petroleum products)
    China owns this Country… because it’s rum by a ship of fools.
    We have had 5 ice age /tropical cooling/warming periods…
    That last roughly 12 thousand years.
    We presently are coming Out of a 12 thousand years of Ice age….
    Your climate hoax is all contol an redistribution of wealth Period /Fact

  2. David Mason says

    It seems the APA sees solar projects as ‘not buildings’. This kind of makes sense but cell towers are not buildings either. Nor are windmills. Nor are power poles and lines. But these are regulated. They are tall, unlike solar, but if solar isn’t a building, how do these other things get defined as buildings?

    I’m confused and just curious to understand this.

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