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  1. Joan Grabe says

    Good luck in catching up with this guy ! Ignore a moving violation and lose your drivers license and your insurance but this guy ignores the APA and the courts and his partner pays $27,000 and is still operating ? Has he moved the septic tank or is it still close to a water source ? I would like to respect local laws and restrictions but there are few if any repercussions for willful violations. Toothless regulations mean nothing and these people know it. I just hate this story !

  2. Vanessa B says

    Lol, yeah this is a cluster, pardon my language. It sounds like maybe the APA is gonna refer this to the state AG? For sure – put Letitia James on this case – these dudes are toast (financially) if that happens. Given how little care they’ve paid to the regulations, I am not super sympathetic.

  3. nathan says

    impound the entire land and full fine amounts, rediculous they are not in jail and dragging for years. they should be facing at least 2-3 years in jail. set an example

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