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  1. Boreas says

    Is it just me, or does TWO frankenpines look better than ONE? While I am not sure why companies can’t share towers, perhaps frankenforests are in our future.

  2. Boreas says

    WRT the solar project, I would have liked to see some provision for environmental impact study, since I didn’t really see anything comprehensive prior to approval from Yellow 10, LLC P2021-0084 document.

    This array is virtually adjacent to Putts Creek WMA. For instance, I personally have seen flocks of geese attempting to land on a road on a dark/foggy/rainy night fairly close to a reservoir. Nearby lighting may contribute to the appearance of a waterway on any glossy surface. Since waterfowl are likely to be returning to these areas as they are built into their migration routes, will we be seeing waterfowl confusion, stress, or impacts with this array in conditions of poor visibility this close to an existing wetland??

    I am not saying there are imminent problems with the location, but has it been sufficiently studied? Are there provisions to study the environmental impacts into the future PAID FOR BY THE POWER COMPANIES using the power source? Taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for environmental impact studies that should be done this close to a WMA – or anywhere for that matter.

  3. Nathan says

    i dont mind a fake pine tree to provide cell phone service for many miles, much cheaper and easir to maintain a tower every 10 miles or so, versus a phone line along every single road and often damaged in big storms when most needed.

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