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Jak Krouse is a summer intern with Adirondack Explorer. He's a double major in journalism and geology at Washington and Lee University. Jak enjoys exploring the outdoors, going on roadtrips and hiking.

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    • Melanie Sawyer says

      I’m grinning!! HI Mary! In that respect you are correct, Running 3 businesses means I NEED to have wifi and tech up here on the mountain 🙂 I will say that as much as I understand you see the term “off the grid” as no tv etcthe other definition and generally more recognized is of us off gridders are not tied or hooked up to the electrical grid (hense “off the grid” that most people are..or the water mains, so whilst the generators run down in Port Henry when the power goes out I can sit at home and watch the latest episode of the ALONE show 🙂 I hope this helps :)feel free to continue this discussion here or find me on Facebook! I love talking with my fellow Adirondackians!

  1. Gail Aldous says

    Such a well written story. Thank you for writing & sharing it. I’m already a member of ADK Explorer, but I need to renew.

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