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  1. LeRoy Hogan says

    I still wonder if the Adirondack Rail Road pays a lease to the state like Catskill Mountain Rail Road pays a lease to Ulster County.

  2. Daniel Bogdan says

    Please don’t call the present situation (trains to Tupper Lake/ destruction of train service from Tupper Lake to Lake Placid) a compromise. A compromise is a settlement of differences by mutual concessions. That is both sides give up a portion of their demands. The trail advocates didn’t give up anything. They gained everything, while the railroad advocates lost about 30% of their operating territory and associated potential revenue. The railroad user(s) of the corridor already “compromised” when they gave up their right to use the corridor during the winter season (a little over 40% of the year). And in doing so lost a lot of potential riders and revenue

  3. Raymond Budnick says

    Awesome! Waited a lot of years in hopes that the railroad would come back.
    Looking forward to riding to Tupper, spending the night. Then hopping on the bikes and continuing on to Placid for a couple of nights. Then reversing the whole process for a trip back to Old Forge.
    Would love to see Governor Hochul use her powers to pull out all the stops and fast track the bike trail to completion in half the estimated time.
    Good for you Tupper! A long needed shot in the arm. Where do I buy bonds for your soon to come improvements. Nothing but exciting!

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