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  1. Adkresident says

    The government should take over all properties and only let approved people use them. This was done in the Soviet Union and worked well there.

    • Todd Eastman says

      What is your solution for creating affordable housing in the Park, and how would you keep existing affordable housing stock within financial grasp of the local workers that make the towns in the Park livable and provide essential services…?

      Thanks in advance for your ideas…

      • Billy says

        Those who want an affordable house purchase a piece of land and have said house built.

        If they can only afford to pay $x for the house, have the builder construct whatever they can for $x – it may be smaller than you wanted, but at least you have a place to start from.

        Additions can always be made later on if you want and have funds at that time to do so.

        Rather than complaining that no such house exists, make it come into existence!

        • John says

          The reality of doing so is not that simple. I have looked into this as an option and even with a very small, basic house, it’s above a reasonable budget for my partner and I (both of whom earn around the median income for the area.) Maybe it could work for others with a higher budget.

    • John says

      Right; the average Soviet citizen lived in a crappy, cramped apartment, while the Socialist Party hacks enjoyed beautiful homes and Dachas (vacation homes) in the country. Maybe ADKresident needs to stop trolling social media and read an actual history book on the USSR.

  2. Vanessa B says

    It’s almost like relying on market forces alone doesn’t help human well-being and community in many cases…

    …I don’t mean to be flippant, and agree that local govt should step in to regulate. I am just not sure that everyone local agrees, especially at higher levels of leadership.

  3. Travelin says

    We need builders to build. Inventory shortages will continue until there is more inventory. Across the country everyone is.ecperie.cing shortages. This is not just a local problem. The only government assistance I could see helping would be tax incentives for profits on new homes or more lax financing on new construction loans.

  4. Dick Carlson says

    i agree with Todd above – Tax the unoccupied at a MUCH higher rate. Sooo many homes are “held” not used, not rented, just held like it is a place to evacuate to if needed!

  5. JKinPA says

    A lot of 1 sided comments that don’t really provide any real solution.

    Because I live outside the park, but have owned a Camp inside the blue line (going on 35 yrs now) you want to unfairly tax me? WTF, maybe this is the new socialism?

    We already pay full taxes to local, County, School, Fire with no voting rights or representation as to where our tax dollars get spent. Never had kids in the Schools but get to provide funding for those who do, but seems of you want to over tax neighboring property owners, seems fair and legit.

  6. Chris says

    Taxing homes at different mil rates based on perception of usage is a non-starter. All people who own homes in the ADKS are paying property/school taxes. Many of those tax payers don’t use school systems, and don’t use local services 12 months per year. That’s actually a good deal for the year round residents. Assumption above is that you raise taxes on seasonal homes and that revenue somehow creates affordable homes. It doesn’t work that way. There is a housing shortage across the nation. It will take time to build our way out of it. Rising rates may put downward pressure on prices too. Raising taxes is not going to help the cause.

  7. Sandy says

    Funny how the conservative Adirondack populace would swear by the “capitalist free market,” until they become subject to it. And then, irony of irony, those who give lip service to small government, anti-socialism, are looking for a, cough cough, government solution.

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