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  1. Wancharida says

    6) How can the economic impact of the trail be monitored? How do you track headcount, and who they are? If a hundred people use the trail in a day, that sounds great unless 90 of them are local. If the aim is to attract visitors and their money, that s not so good. What if 90% of the users only make use of 10% of the trail? The whole trail needs to be maintained, but only one stretch is seeing the benefits. How do the towns apportion that burden? If there s no objective way to get those measures, you can t tell if the trail is a net gain or not, or who is losing out.

  2. linda says

    Camp little notch is another former girl scout camp almost lost to the GS council mergers. Their alumni organization, Friends of Camp Little Notch bought the camp in 2015 and have been running overnight programs since 2013. In 2019 they had 5 weeks! 4 for girls and 1 for boys too now. They also run special event weekends, rentals, and open camping on the shoulder seasons not during those weeks. Beautiful place.

  3. Ron leiser says

    This past summer, 2020 NO New York resident camps were permitted to operate. Hopefully things will change and camps will reopen in ‘21

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