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  1. Philbert says

    Why not create more trails?
    Think of the possibilities. Challenges to people, groups, or organizations to search, design, and apply for the rights to create them.
    Yes, there is a need to maintain the current trails. But, with this increase demand, the problems are limited to just parking; trail widening and degradation, increase waste and garbage, poorly prepared users.

  2. Wayne Bickford says

    Its about time hikers, canoers, bicycles, pay there way. Hunters are the only ones required to pay to use the state land. This money would help hire additional rangers to police these trails, and hire maintenance people to work on the trails. License canoes would also help to hire enforcement on the water and eliminate the rudness and disrespect motor boaters get from these inconsiderate people, theyfeel they own the water ways.

  3. Paul Gebhard says

    Another ludicrous suggestion. So, what happens when you show up and all the spots are taken, because someone decided they were going to park without a permit? Are the rangers going to just sit in the parking lots and check parking permits? In a system like this, that’s what they would have to do! As far as charging a fee for trail use, I’m happy to pay, BUT I believe that requires changes in the NYS constitution. And I’m no boat captain, but I believe that a motor boat has to defer to water craft that are not motorized, like sailboats and canoes/kayaks and that’s for safety’s sake.

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