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  1. tom prevost says

    We are seeing the effects of climate warming all over the Adirondacks. The boreas forest of the western-central
    Adirondacks are giving way to oak/hickory hardwoods. Streams once noted for trout fishing such as the Moose and Black Rivers have given way to over crowded small mouth bass populations. The lower ground and water temperatures combined with short growing seasons that protected the Adirondacks from many invasive plants and animals no longer exist.

  2. nathan says

    global warming>>1970’s 10-12 foot snowbanks along roads all winter….now snow just melts and never builds up. 1970’s drive cars/trucks onto ice….now afraid shanty will break through ice.

    Let’s put our heads back in the sand.
    We need more scientists stating the obvious please!!!!!!!!! and spending money to do “research” that any older local could tell you in a minute!!

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