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Philip Terrie is an Adirondack and environmental historian, and the author of five books on regional history, including Contested Terrain: A New History of Nature and People in the Adirondacks (2nd ed., Syracuse UP, 2008) and Seeing the Forest: Reviews, Musings, and Opinions from an Adirondack Historian (Saranac Lake: Adirondack Explorer, 2017).

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  1. Lee says

    Well written and thought out. I laugh as I just bought a second home by loon lake. I bought there because of the quality of life for second home and plan on retirement up there. I bought the property because I can not see any neighbors and I have 13 acres which I will not subdivide and want to to purchase the empty lots next to my house. To keep as wild habitat.. I thought about buying property and building but thought that buying property with a dwelling already there made the most sense. Why develop another wooded lot? I believe in land conservation as I grew up in bergen county n.j. and what has happened here in my 45 years is gross.

    I understand the fight of usage as I have been a long time visitor of lake george and Warrensburg.
    My grandfather had 110 acres in bolton landing on the border of warrensburg, and we went almost every weekend . My father had a house on lake george by pilot knob which we went to every weekend.
    I do not live there and but spoken to locals that were on both sides of the fight. They all have good points and all have merit. My father moved from kattskill Bay to Virginia because of taxes and laws.
    I on the other hand bought a place there because of the laws and hopeful that the land is not developed. I do not like the taxes but who does.

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