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  1. Tim Fitzgerald says

    I used to hike the mountains in the summer and we snowshoed once in the winter with Father Allen, when I was an altar boy, probably 50 years ago. What a wonderful priest, and a blessing to the community.

  2. Jame Utter says

    Father Allen is a wonderful priest and a blessing for us all. I met Father Allen while skiing at Gore Mountain on Friday, February 21, 2020. Father Allen was skiing the black diamond expert trails of Sagamore and Echo on Burnt Ridge very well. I did not know Father Allen or who I was with, but my wife and I rode the chairlift together. It was a chance meeting. Father Allen was wearing a 1980 Olympic Ski cap. It looked a lot like the cap he is wearing in his hike and the photo in this blog. It sparked our conversation and he explained to me he was a parish priest in Lake Placid during the 1980 games. I recall saying wow and you must be retired now and he quickly corrected me and said was the pastor in Indian Lake. I was headed into heart surgery in New York City on February 24, 2020. I shared with father my strong Catholic upbringing, how my mother would ask us before mass to pay attention to the priest’s message and learn from and apply it to be a better Catholic. I recall my mother saying, always ask your self, before a challenging decision, ask what Jesus would do. This is how I was raised and I shared with Father Allen I begin each day with the Walk With Me Jesus Prayer. Father Allen blessed me at the top of the Burnt Ridge Chair on Friday afternoon on February 21, 2020 ahead of my heart surgery on Monday February 24, 2020 at Mt. Sinai in New York City. Father Allen’s prayers and blessing surely helped. I’m well, recovered and ready to ski again at Gore this season 2020 – 2021! Thank you Father Allen

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