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Ry covers water for the Explorer. Before coming to New York, he reported on water and energy for Voice of San Diego.
He can be reached at ry@adirondackexplorer.org.

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  1. Peter Maier says

    Phosphorus is, in my opinion, used as a red herring, because nobody wants to face the fact that the CWA failed, by ignoring urine in sewage, an oxygen robber and fertilizer (now called nutrient) for alga. Not, as EPA claims, Congress intended this, but because of a faulty applied test, resulting in demanding only 50% sewage treatment.
    Another inconvenient thruth is that septic tanks do not treat sewage, they only solubilize the waste so it can get into groundwater. To read the history and a description of the BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) test wp.me/p5COh2-25
    In addition there is also ‘green rain’ or rain with reactive nitrogen (fertilizer) from several sources (burning fossil fuels, ammonia emmision from feedlots, lightning, just ti name a few).

  2. Judson Witham says

    Lake George has 1000s of Brown Fields from Septic Systems. The Leaching of these Brown Fields goes straight into Lake George. The La Chute River is a Big Sewer and all the Lake George Flushing to Champlain reveals the DEC and Lake George Park Commission DAVID WICK is not nor is DEC being honest about Lake George Flushing.

    Lake George is BED ROCK and a Basin …. The Lake Flushing LGPC is cleverly named WINTER TIME DRAW DOWN.

    What is amazing is how so many environmentalists Lie For and Whitewash what the Park Commission and DEC with Essex Washington and Warren County are ACTUALLY DOING.

    SEE Poisoning Lake Champlain Flushing Lake George


  3. Dennis Ryan says

    and lets remember how BURLINGTON dumps 3 MILLION GALLONS OF RAW SEWAGE INTO MY LAKE every year.instead of putting it into a holding pit when they have problems.just plain criminal

  4. nathan says

    Laws need to be updated, all sewage needs to be treated from municipalities, farmers should liquify manure and put in the ground , and lower likely hood of runoff. one of the few more prestine areas in the northeast and lower human population and it’s still an enviromental disaster…we as a species are failing to not wet our bed or worse!

  5. Reforestation for Lakes says

    STEP 1: Stop making human babies because every human baby fills up a septic or sewage system for its entire life. As the human population shrinks to lower numbers the amount of sewage, septic, manure declines.
    STEP 2: Reforest buffers around septics, sewage, and farms so that forests will absorb the excess nutrients.
    STEP 3: More smaller animals, less bigger animals.

    • Sharon Talbot says

      Yes! Most of these varied problems stem from the excess human population ravening on the resources of every ecosystem. Let’s start with sex ed. programs in secondary school that include contraceptive education. This is no longer time to be prissy about it!

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