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  1. Sula says

    The summit stewards certainly have their work cut out for them and deserve thanks for their hard work. However, regarding unprepared hikers, I notice that steward Kayla White is wearing sandals on top of Marcy. This might seem a questionable choice of footgear.

  2. Thomas J White says

    obviously improperly outfitted hikers should be addressed, and the concerns of Alpine Summit conservation should be discussed.
    On the other hand, there are those of us who have been doing this since before some of these summit stewards were born, and this discussion can be averted.

  3. Angel says

    I wish there could be a volunteer or someone at the trailhead to help address/educate on these issues BEFORE people start their hike. Many don’t know about the Alpine plants and rules between the 2 regions of the park before going in.
    We have noticed the increase in traffic, trash and unprepared hikers in the last couple of years.
    It makes me angry and sad. Angry bc I do my best to preserve and pick up after others, and sad bc the ‘Dacks wilderness should be cherished and treated w. care.

  4. Cynthia Patenaude says

    It is time to start fining people who ignore the rules or don’t educate themselves before hiking. Keeping it nice and pleasant is not working. Rather than giving up on patrolling, maybe add signs saying masks are required. I am tired of people endangering me on the trails.

  5. Jimmy says

    I’ve been up most of the Big peaks and camped many times over the years at Roaring Brook for jaunts up Giant , love it ! The Stewards are not only really nice and extremely caring individuals about the welfare of these mountains , the strength and stamina they must possess to do that job is mind boggling to me man!! Anyone planning on camping/ hiking the ADK aught to first read about the unfortunate people who’ve gone missing and all the rescues that take place because of plain old ignorance, PREPARE ! before your trip , this place does not suffer fools gladly and you’ll put others in danger who come to your aid , I have seen it first hand . Keep up your excellent work ! Stewards are essential workers !!

  6. Susan Harris says

    I am sure you all think yourself great protectors of nature, yadda yadda yadda. But frankly you are complaining about things that most educated, caring people don’t know about. How foolish is that? Secondly – do u hear youselves… even the comments on here. You sound like you’ve set up a power tripping police state! How about leave people alone and NOT have someone hiding in the bushes to tell at them for stepping on the plants? Liberal New York u are driving everyone OUT!

  7. C. Thomas says

    I and my family have been hiking the Adirondacks, since the 1970’s and I haven’t seen hiking traffic or heard so much noise ever. It was so serene, quiet and beautiful. We listened to the forest rangers, always stayed on the trail by following the markers and learned to respect the “carry in, carry out” rule. Came up two weekends ago and I don’t recognize the wilderness anymore.

  8. Vanessa says

    Awesome job, summit stewards! I have to admit, it is a daunting problem for sure. I am not sure I could keep my cool re someone camping at high elevation or summiting in crocs.

    Do the stewards take volunteers? I’d love to help out someday.

  9. hiker says

    who cares what people wear on their feet hiking? Next thing you know, you’ll be telling us we all have to wear safety orange shirts. Some rules must be followed but footwear, clothing, gear etc. is and should always remain a personal choice. Recommend all you want but criticize footwear? How about we criticize you for being overweight and drinking beer and eating pizza? A little dose of your own medicine. Read up – Secrets of the Tarahumara

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