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  1. Gary N Lee says

    We built two group lean-tos 24×12 inside, one on Seventh Lake and one on Eighth Lake during the summer of 1969. We got the logs down in Speculator hauled them to the boat launches at both lakes and floated them across to the far shores. It took about four hours with a hand winch to get the deacon log in place at Seventh as it was 30 feet long and 2 foot on the butt. We started the Eighth Lake one the day after Labor Day and finished the third of October. While the logs were on shore at Eighth Lake during the summer some campers burnt up all the roof rafters for firewood so we had to cut and peel new ones from around the lake. This work was done by Forest Rangers Gary McChesney and Gary Lee with help some days by trail crew members Mark Clark and Robert Dicker. The one at Eighth was done completely by the Rangers. I heard that some restoration was done by this volunteer group on these two lean-tos in the last couple years. Not bad as they are now over fifty years old and they’ve had lots of use over the years.

  2. Jan Hansen says

    I get why they want the lean to moved. But part of the charm staying in a shore adjacent lean to is to wake up to the sound of the water and the beautiful scenery.
    The relocation of one of the Spruce Lake lean to’s (#2 I think) is horrible. It is a huge lean to, just off the NPT , absolutely no view of anything. The former site next to the lake is much more pleasant.

    • Steve Stofelano says

      Hey Jan just curious about what the reason for leantos would be protection from the elements, a respite for a search and rescue operation, a view or not having the leanto program continue? There are those that would like to see them gone.

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