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  1. Paul says

    If you win it sets a precedent, if you lose it is just one stretch of lonely stream.

    If someone now trespasses on this waterway it could be a criminal offense? The state has to abide by the ruling.

    • Boreas says


      Nothing has changed. Paddling “their” private stretch of the river was prohibited long before the court case – and still is. The trespass was a test case to try to get the section opened to paddling, but the courts denied it.

  2. Helen Eagle says

    So, since I own to the high water on the oposite side of the Bouquet, I don’t have to let people paddle and fish (fishing rights never given) on the stretch I own??

  3. Cristine Meixner says

    The Brandreth Park owners are lucky Father Cuomo isn’t still in office. He would have taken their land by eminent domain after the court ruled against the state, as he did with the Peasley land in the Town of Lake Pleasant. And the Peasleys always allowed others to use their lands!

  4. John Wadlin says

    The Catskill Landowners applaud the fine work by attorney Dennis Phillips in protecting the rights of the property owners.

  5. Ibraham Khan says

    Sounds like we should all get together and paddle it at once. Not much they can do when 100 paddlers show up. Just a sign of the times of how backwards our country is getting. The people who will celebrate this ruling for protecting property owners rights certainly won’t agree with me that we should emulate the right to access that England and Scotland enjoy. Because these same people will cry foul for emulating some European socialists because this is America. Not like all of our property law is based on English law. Or that our government is based on Greek and Roman ideas of government and continental ideas of enlightment. But they don’t operate in a world of facts. Just that the wealthy should have whatever they deem fit.

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