Trump bad for the Park

I write in response to Sandy Trevor’s recent letter titled “Trump Deserves a Chance.” Since taking office, Trump has proposed the gutting of clean-air regulations in order to benefit the coal industry. What true Adirondacker wants a full return to the acid rain that so egregiously attacked our otherwise pristine lakes? He has also scrapped Obama-era rules protecting the water in America’s streams. Does Mr. Trevor not value clean water?

Trump has appointed a person to head the EPA who hates the EPA and wants to weaken its power to enforce rules to keep the environment clean.

And, of course, Trump has openly stated that he thinks climate change is a hoax perpetrated by China. Try selling that piece of idiocy to all those snowmobilers who used to ride south of the Thruway all winter long and who now must haul their machines up north. How much of a chance does Mr. Trevor want to give this environmental wrecking ball?

I commend Adirondack Explorer for its original editorial, even though no crystal ball was required to see into the Trump environmental future.

Alexander G. Gonzale, Dryden

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