Trailhead mystery solved

A few years ago I learned in reading the Explorer of a short hike that runs from Uncas Road to Eighth Lake near Inlet. I have hiked this many times, but recently to my surprise I found a tree lying across the parking area with a no-trespassing sign and a no-parking sign on the other side of the road. The state sign-in box also has been removed, yet one hundred yards in from the road the state fence and trail markers are intact. Can you shed some light as to what is going on in this area so I and others who enjoy this trail do not violate any property owners’ rights?

Bob Wilson, Frankfort

Editor’s note: The Department of Environmental Conservation responds: “The trailhead, the parking lot, and the beginning of the trail you refer to were on private lands. This spring the landowner informed us that he no longer wants the public crossing his land. DEC foresters and forest rangers are working on developing a reroute of the trail such that it will be on state land in total. Actual work on the reroute has not begun yet.”

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