Summer camps had lifelong impact

It was with great pleasure that I read the article “The joys of summer” by Joseph Mercurio [May/June 2015]. At first, I just noticed his name and thought that it sounded somewhat familiar. Then, as I read on further, I realized that he was writing about an experience we had both shared back in the 1950s: Camp Askenonta!

I was one of those lucky Girl Scouts who got to attend the camp on Moose Island in Lake Placid. Little did I realize over these years how groundbreaking many of the camping activities of Hiawatha Council were.

My dad had been a Scoutmaster for many years back then (and my brother an Eagle Scout). Our family had camped at Sabattis once or twice while his troop was camping there. In addition, I had been both a camper and counselor for the Onondaga Council of Girl Scouts here in Syracuse at both their camps in Tully, New York, and in Thendera. Like Mr. Mercurio, scouting was in my blood and had a great deal to do with making me the person I am today.

Carolynn Longuil, Marcellus

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