Put an end to bobcat trapping

I just read an article in the Adirondack Explorer [May/June 2012] about a proposal to extend the trapping of bobcats. I wholeheartedly oppose any trapping of this animal.
As a resident of New Jersey, but a frequent visitor to the Adirondacks, I see no purpose in this trapping which causes so much suffering to the animal. In New Jersey we have just the opposite thinking and have a vigorous program to encourage the number of bobcats, which play such an important part in balancing a healthy ecosystem.

These words don’t come from a “tree-hugger,” but from a concerned environmentalist that as a teenager ran a trap line, but grew up to realize that this wasn’t the only way to interact with the great outdoors.
This trapping doesn’t accomplish anything but support a small number of trappers while they inflict so much unnecessary suffering.
What you should do is encourage feral hog hunting. These vermin can potentially spread their destruction throughout New York State, much as they are doing in Florida, in North and South Carolina, and now even in south New Jersey.

Robert Jonas, West Milford, NJ

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