Facts debunk hunters’ complaints

Kudos to George Earl for his article “Deer numbers debated” [November/December 2010].
I would like to address three points in the article. First, Dan Ladd, who argues that coyotes have reduced the deer population, is a hunter who wrote a book on deer hunting. That makes him an author, not an authority. He deals strictly in opinions.
Second, Ed Reed, who notes that studies show the deer population is increasing, is also a deer hunter and a Department of Environmental Conservation biologist. He presents the facts and statistics with evidence and records, not just an unsupported opinion.
Finally, the real unsung hero of the article for me was Billy Allan, who argues that hunters’ gripes show they are “lousy woodsmen.” He’s a no-nonsense, tough-as-nails Adirondack hunter of the old type, which is now an ever-shrinking breed. My guess is that Allan gets his buck every year come wind, snow, or high water. If he does not, most likely he cleans his gun, locks it away, and vows to do better next season. He does not look to blame coyotes, weather, or other excuses, as Dan Ladd and so many others do.
Bob Bearor, Schroon Lake
Bearor is a retired Adirondack guide.

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