Deafening rally spoils weekend

I suppose, since the “Thunder in Old Forge” motorcycle festival must be a big moneymaker for the village, my comments will fall on deaf ears, but I have to vent!

We have a camp on Raquette Lake, and there must have been hundreds of very loud cycles going by there in a nearly constant stream the whole weekend of June 4-6.
Anyone outdoors couldn’t hear to carry on a conversation much of the time. I can’t imagine what the wildlife thinks. But that weekend is not, by any means, a quiet time in the mountains or on the water for anyone within two to three miles of Route 28.

If my little car were as loud as these Harleys, I’d get a ticket. Why is it they don’t? It just seems downright rude to rip up the air all through the Park in order to have a good time. The excuse seems to be that loud is safe because you hear them, but I don’t see other cycles that are quiet mashed on the road. I think it’s a case of “Look at me” that compels riders to defy rules.

There, I have had my say, if there is anything else I can do to promote quiet in the Park, let me know, please!

Joan Parkes, Raquette Lake

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