Boreas roads date to 19th century

With all the outpouring of ideas on what to do about classifying the Boreas Pond Tract, I thought you might be interested in a brief history of the roads into the Boreas Ponds clearing.

The first road was a tote road built in the 1890s that went along the west side of the Boreas River from the Blue Ridge Road into the clearing. It was about six miles long. Finch, Pruyn used this road as access to the Brace Brook Dam on the Boreas River up until 1949.

The second road was built in 1935. It went from the end of Trout Pond into the Boreas clearing.

The third road was the Gulf Brook Road, which was constructed in 1965 and 1966 as a summer road. It followed an old winter road that was used to truck wood to the Boreas Ponds from 1915 to 1949.

Richard G. Nason, Glens Falls
Nason is a retired forester and logging historian.

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