ATVs abet serious crime

Muddy ruts, noise, and disturbance are not the full extent of the ATV problem [“ATVs still running amuck,” Sept./Oct. 2011].

In the area of Tug Hill there are roving gangs on ATVs who break into camps and also into fishermen’s parked vehicles. I have several friends who own camps in the area of the Salmon River Reservoir. All have been broken into, vandalized, and burglarized.

On a fishing trip to the Salmon River, I was confronted in the parking area by a gang on ATVs. I am convinced that the timely arrival of another fisherman saved me from possible assault. I packed up and left without wetting a line rather than risk having my vehicle burglarized or vandalized. I have not been back to the Salmon River fishery since that episode.
The State Police do their best, but they are stretched thin in Lewis and Oswego Counties.

Edmund Roberts, Rochester

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