June is National Dairy Month

dairy month and cows
Milking at Sugar House Creamery. Photo by Sam Cecil, provided by Adirondack Harvest

Lift a glass (of milk) in honor of National Dairy Month. Fortunately, we have a lot of ways to celebrate. Check out this list of ideas from the team at Adirondack Harvest.

Locally crafted dairy products offer a true taste of the Adirondacks. Dairy cows, goats and sheep (and their farmers and cheesemakers) transform lush Adirondack pastures surrounded by wilderness into something special. When you buy local dairy products you can taste the extra intention, time and care that you just don’t get in commercially made alternatives. 

A Few Ways to Enjoy Local Dairy

For the full “scoop,” check out this post by Adirondack Harvest’s Mary Godnick. It was written in recognition of Dairy Month, and originally ran on the Adirondack Almanack.

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