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Adirondack Explorer

May, 2008

Northville-Placid Trail
Author: Jeffrey and Donna Case

Review by: RICK KARLIN

No one knows the Northville-Placid Trail better than Jeffrey and Donna Case. They have hiked it each spring for more than 20 years, so it’s only natural that they would be called on to rewrite the Adirondack Mountain Club’s guidebook for the 132-mile trail. ADK released a new edition late last year, the first update in 13 years. It has been thoroughly rewritten to reflect changes in the route and mileage counts. “We went through it from stem to stern,” said John Kettlewell, the club’s publications director. For example, the bridge at Sampson Bog, between Spruce Lake and West Canada >>More

May, 2002

Views from on High: Fire Tower Trails in the Adirondacks and Catskills
Author: John P. Freeman with Wesley H. Hayes

Review by: RICK KARLIN

My first view from an Adirondack summit was at the tower on Goodnow Mountain near Newcomb, and I can still recall the thrill. I was 11 or 12, and some friends and I were staying at a summer camp on Long Lake. The tower, maintained by the state College of Environmental Science and Forestry, offers a spectacular view of the High Peaks from the south. These days, hikers will find pamphlets at the parking lot that can be referred to at numbered stops along the trail to learn about the mountain’s natural history. We happy campers did a lot more >>More

March, 2002

Discover the Northwest Adirondacks
Author: Barbara McMartin and Bill Ingersoll

Review by: BRIAN MANN

Adirondack outdoor types tend to be sort of gear crazy. An avid hiker might own two or three pairs of boots, for use on different kinds of trail. No garage is complete without a kayak and a canoe. It’s not uncommon for snow mavens to own three sets of skis, with a pair of snowshoes thrown in for good measure. Being an impoverished reporter (and victim of my wife’s common sense) I’m not as geared up as some, but I do have a weakness: I can’t resist a new guidebook. My shelf holds a couple dozen volumes, detailing Adirondack canoe >>More