June, 2017

Hull Falls In Slow Motion

Hull Falls is on the East Branch of the Ausable River in Keene in the Adirondack Park.

April, 2017

Skiing The Whiteface Highway

We made this on one of our last skis of the season (4/8/17). There was still plenty of snow. That’s why the highway is popular early and late in the winter: it doesn’t need much snow to be skiable.

April, 2017

Skiing The Mount Marcy Trail

We made this short video on April 3, 2017, on a ski descent of Mount Marcy. This is a fun cruise along Phelps Brook. It’s pretty mellow, but watch out for rocks!

January, 2017

Avalanche Pass Ski Trail

Avalanche Pass Ski Trail had six inches of fresh powder and a good base this week. Conditions were mellow.

December, 2016

State Police Helicopter Rescues Hikers On Algonquin

November, 2016

Marvelous Bird’s-Eye View Of The Adirondacks

November, 2016

Riding Amtrak’s Adirondack line

November, 2014

Early-Season Ice Climbing With MudRat

  Kevin “MudRat” MacKenzie posted this video on YouTube after climbing the Skinny Slide on Upper Wolfjaw Mountain in search of early-season ice. He was accompanied by Don Mellor, author of Blue Lines: An Adirondack Ice Climber’s Guide, as well as Anthony Seidita and Rodrigo Solar. MudRat writes us in an email: “The transition from the warm to cold weather climbing season often finds me taking a break from lofty ambitions in the High Peaks. It is a time to prepare for winter. Firewood needs to be stacked and various projects need a finishing touch. “As the first snows of >>More

May, 2014

Rafting the Hudson Gorge

February, 2014

Ski Descent From Avalanche Pass

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