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  1. Keith says

    2050 Vision has nice pictures, is overly broad, so will not offend any donor constituents.
    Lacks the specificity of the 2020 Vision which likely angered large private, powerful, landowners (Livingston Lake Club, Day, NY) that expect the park to be managed for their protection.

    • Zephyr says

      It’s unfortunate that this “vision” is being used to cut off access to the High Peaks via the public easement at the AMR property so that the exclusive club members don’t have to be disturbed by riffraff walking by. Where were the “carefully established benchmarks” that showed what the carrying capacity was of those trails? Or, how about using some “adaptive management” when it was obvious that many fewer hikers were coming in 2021 compared to recent years, leaving the parking lot empty and nobody hiking. The sad thing is these vision statements are always ignored when those with influence want to do things their own way.

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