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May/June 2017


Nature Conservancy divide / 8
Mike Carr left the group’s Adirondack
chapter after disagreements with a higher-up
over fund-raising and overall mission.

Packing on the miles / 12
Cyclists eat well and exercise well during the
Bike the Barns tour through the Champlain
Valley’s agrarian landscape. > Read Now

A threat to salmon / 17
Alewives, an invasive fish, may be thwarting
efforts to create a self-sustaining population of
salmon in Lake Champlain. > Read Now

Beds at Boreas? / 18
Environmentalists are shocked by a proposal
floated by the state to create lodging facilities
less than a mile from Boreas Ponds. > Read Now

A better way to build / 21
A bill in the state legislature would require big
developers in the Park to cluster houses to
preserve open space.

On Crane with Wayne / 22
Lisa Densmore Ballard takes her hiking-averse
brother up one of the most scenic peaks in the
southern Adirondacks.

The blue Grass / 26
Editor Phil Brown writes about a lazy paddle
in the northwestern Adirondacks, ending at
the impressive Lampson Falls.

Seeing the light / 32
Photographer Nancie Battaglia tours the
recently refurbished Bluff Point Lighthouse
on Valcour Island.

Views of the Park / 51
The Explorer launches a photo contest for
readers; in this issue, check out the shots of
dogs in the Adirondacks.

Clues to climate / 53
Curt Stager’s study of a lake in Newcomb
finds evidence of severe droughts and floods
far in the Adirondack past.

Some favorite hikes / 54
We select four of the best outings from the
Adirondack Explorer guidebook 12 Short
Hikes Near Old Forge.

Dannemora’s real-life drama / 58
Brian Mann reviews the latest book about two
killers who escaped from prison in 2015 and the
manhunt that followed. >Read More