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Rail trail 

The Adirondack Park Agency changes
the state lands plan to allow rail removals.

Environmental dreaming 

An election that put Democrats in control has
New Yorkers thinking conservation gains.


Volunteers at a hill near Lake Luzerne schuss
kids’ challenges away with winter fun.

Capitol ideas 

Critics say Gov. Cuomo sets a heavy-handed
Adirondack agenda, undercutting park staff.

Inside and out 

Well-qualified park chair would break barrier
with a job normally reserved for residents.

Wilderness road 

Old Mountain Road is a key part of nonmotorized ski trail, even if courts say it’s a road.

The house hunt 

Jobs are out there for the taking, if would-be
Adirondack workers could just find a home.

Wild-eyed plans? 

Conservationists know they can’t have it all, but here are some favored spots to preserve.

A state of mind 

We asked Adirondackers how they define
‘wilderness,’ and they didn’t speak in legalese

Retail relations 

The Mountaineer is a Keene Valley institution
built on relationships that are evolving.

Tourist dollars 

New York is spending $19 million in hopes of
drawing campers and equestrians to Frontier Town.

Dippikill days 

Funny as it sounds, this hidden cross-country
center is a great place to spend a snowy day.


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