The Adirondack Explorer is deeply grateful to the generous donors listed below whose contributions make our magazine and special initiatives possible. By donating to the Annual Fund or Major Gifts Campaign, contributing to our endowment or funding special projects, you give us the means to fulfill our mission of spreading understanding and fostering support for a protected Adirondack Park.

Contributors for F.Y. 2021-22

(March 1, 2021 – Feb. 28, 2022)

$25,000 and up
Arnold Ventures
Mr. Thomas Curley and Ms. Marsha Ann Stanley
Fowler Merle-Smith Family Trust
George R. Hearst III
Tad and Nancy Jeffrey Fund at the Columbus Foundation
Mrs. Annette C. Merle-Smith
Overhills Foundation
Laurel and Michael Skarbinski
Connie and Craig Weatherup
William Gundry Broughton Charitable Trust
Cloudsplitter Foundation
The Armstrong Foundation
Richard Beamish and Rachel Rice
David Darrin
Harding Educational and Charitable Foundation
F.M. Kirby Foundation
Edward W. McNeil
Naomi Rosenthal
Jeffrey B. Sellon and Marilyn Burns
Elizabeth B. Strickler and Mark T. Gallogly
The Walbridge Fund
Richard and Harriet Eisenberg–Eisenberg Foundation
Grabe Family Foundation (Joan and Bill Grabe)
Charlotte and Robert Hall
Hamill Family Foundation (Ethan and Anne Winter)
Ernst Family Fund
Mrs. Meredith M. Prime
Charles O. and Sally Svenson
Charlie Updike and Beth Kaufman
David and Claudia Weber
Sidney S. Whelan and Anne S. McCook
Eleanor M. Worth
James and Judy Allison
Boquet Foundation: Peter S. Paine, Jr.
Dean Cook
Cameron Memorial Fund (Gretchen VanDenbergh)
Adam M. Federman
Valerie J. Hurley and Michael F. Kilian
J.M. Kaplan Fund (Joan K. Davidson)
Lake Placid Education Foundation
Bruce and Ellen McLanahan
William and Linda Moran
Debora Rice and Daniel Mason
Brian and Ginny Ruder
Rex and Marion Smith
Curt and Susan Stiles
Dan and Ellen Strickler
Bridget Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Worth
The Howard Bayne Fund: Gurdon B. Wattles
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bettmann
Linda and Sarah Cohen
Larry and Yvette Gralla
Worth Gretter
Miles and Joan Kulukundis
Caroline and Serge Lussi
George and Margo Nagle
Northern Lights Fund: Barbara Glaser
Chester J. Opalka, Jr.
Lynne Poteau and John Bossange
Beth Binns-Roemer and Mark Roemer
John Rosenthal (Meadowhill Fund)
Ethan H. and Anne P. Winter
Holly and David Wolff
Michael Doherty
Anne H. Van Inge
Bill Ott
Bischoff Family
Brian Castler and Katherine Duffendack
Carin Fund
Carol Fox
Carol Jackman
Crocker Family Charitable Fund
Dorothea Malsbary
Ellen Jones
J. William Denton
John and Sharon Sayles
Joy and Lawrence Canning
Joyce and Hugh McCormick Charitable Fund
Lanse Stover
Laurance Rockefeller
Laurie George
Lawrence Master
Light Rain Foundation
Michelle Breidenbach and Wilson Cummer
Patricia and John Buckwalter
Paul Joseph Flynn
Peg Olsen
Richard Longstreth
Sally Hart
Thomas and Sandra Jorling
Tracy and Jim Ormsbee