Skiing Goodman Mountain in Tupper Lake

Conditions were optimal for skiing in the Adirondacks on March 15, when Explorer editor Phil Brown and I hit the trails near Tupper Lake. The area had received a series of snowstorms over the prior days and weeks, meaning the snowpack was a few feet deep.

We started off the morning by skiing Coney Mountain, then hit Goodman Mountain at about noon. Phil then continued on to ski Arab Mountain, finishing off the Tupper Triad, three mountains promoted as part of a local hiking challenge.

All three mountains are pretty small, but they aren’t skied very often. This day, it worked out because the snowpack was deep and it covered rocks on the trail.

One of the highlights of the Goodman Mountain ski was the open summit, which offered a view of Coney Mountain.

Above are some photos from our trip up Goodman. You can find photos from the Coney trip here

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