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Adirondack Explorer

April, 2019

Grainy photo of a cat …

I got a call earlier this week from a man who says a cougar in late March on state Route 28n in Minerva, a quiet area in the central Adirondacks. 

April, 2019

Opening day of trout fishing season

Trout fishing season opened on Monday. As is often the norm in the northern Adirondacks, wintery conducts persisted so there was very little open water for anglers.

March, 2019

Snowmobiles on the tracks in Lake Clear

Above are photos that were taken this past winter during a snowstorm in the northern Adirondacks. The snowmobilers are riding on the travel corridor in Lake Clear. The corridor stretches from Lake Placid to Utica.

March, 2019

Video of ice lining Ausable River near Upper Jay

Highway crews removed ice from the East Branch of the Ausable River this winter to clear a channel, hoping to prevent ice jams. The ice now lines the river along state Route 9N. Here’s a video that shows how much ice was removed.

March, 2019

Flood watch issued for rivers due to thaw

The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch until Saturday evening for northern New York due to rising temperatures and rains that are causing a significant snowmelt. The combination of those factors can cause the break up of river ice, leading to ice jams and flooding.

February, 2019

Video of trailblazer Joe Kahn playing guitar

Joe Kahn was featured in the Trailblazer column in the March issue of the Adirondack Explorer. Joe was nominated by Ellen Maroun for his work as a lifelong educator and learner who empowers others to enjoy the outdoors.

February, 2019

Photos of snowmobiles in action

Editor Brandon Loomis wrote a story, Snowmobile power struggle revs up, for the March-April issue of the Explorer. This gallery contains images of snowmobiles that were photographed for that story. 

February, 2019

Photos from the Paul Smith’s College VIC

Paul Smith's College

The Paul Smith’s College VIC has a reputation among skiers for having good snow. This winter has been no different.

February, 2019

Identifying Animal Tracks

Reader-submitted photos of animal tracks.

January, 2019

Cold snap hits Adirondacks

Frigid temperatures hit the northern Adirondacks this weekend. Temperatures began to drop Saturday into Sunday when more than a foot of snow fell in the region. Temperatures were well below freezing Monday and Tuesday. Above are some photos of the frigid winter conditions Monday in the Saranac Lake area.