Paddling the Saranac River

In August, I visited Union Falls Pond on the Saranac River with Saranac Lake paddler Chris Morris, Communications Director for the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

We were paddling the pond for a story I was working on for the November issue of the Explorer. You can see some of the photos from that day above. The other images are from various times I’ve visited the river in recent years.

If there’s one thing I know about the Saranac, it’s that the waterway offers a lot of variety for paddlers. There are flatwater stretches of river, plus ponds. There are also whitewater sections that range from novice to expert. Basically, you can find whatever type of water you’d like to paddle.

However, if you’re looking to paddle the entire river that can be challenging. You’ll need a versatile boat to handle the different types of water and the right water levels. If you head down the river in August, you’ll likely run into dry sections. In the spring, you’ll find high water that will be tough for all but the most experienced paddlers.

Generally, there aren’t a lot of people who paddle the entire river other than people looking to paddle the entire Northern Forest Canoe Trail, a 740-mile paddling route from the Adirondacks to Maine.

Most take day trips like Chris and I did on Union Falls Pond.

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