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  1. Boreas says

    Two important additions to the video text:

    1. Logging with horses imparts less stress on wildlife in the vicinity.
    2. This logging method compacts the soil much less than machines. This keeps the forest floor biome healthier, consequently allowing a quicker recovery of the logged area.

  2. Herr Holzschlag mit Pferd says

    Swiss farmers still horse log, using sleds in Winter, and every village has its own mill where they custom mill for the creation of the most beautiful chalets.
    Horse logging is the only logging that respects the Adirondacks, and which has the potential to bring back the Adirondack style of architecture, which in its own natural way, is as beautiful as European architecture.

    There could be an architectural requirement in the Adirondacks that requires every house to be in Adirondack style just as the Swiss require the chalet style, and other traditional styles. This keeps the traditions alive.

    The large industry loggers should be required to leave the Adirondacks with their destructive machines, and bring them to the suburban areas to log all trees that are leaning towards power lines to prevent power outages, while filling the mills with the best hardwood species. Suburban arborists don’t have the equipment to bring leaning trees, at the end of their lives, to mills. They only know how to chip and throw valuable trees in dumps!

    Horse logging is for the Adirondacks. Machinery is for suburbia.

    Please bring this to the attention of policy makers. Tschuss.

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