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  1. Dick Carlson says

    New Trails? How about Trail maintenance? It’s almost embarrassing the lack of maintenance. Siamese Ponds Wilderness has numerous bridges that have been out for YEARS – no replacements planned. NPT is also in sorry shape with decrepit outhouses and some sections of massive blow-downs.

    • Peter Horvath says

      The lack of maintenance on these popular trails, like Botheration Pond Loop, is just an indication that if it isn’t in the High Peaks it doesn’t get any attention. These trails are also part of a National Scenic Trail – https://northcountrytrail.org/ so sad we can’t take care of them.

  2. Hawkeye says

    Hope that this one will not end like most studies or task force recommendations–on someone’s shelf. Let’s hope Mr. Bauer’s optimism is well founded. But why should we expect a different outcome when the advisory group is made up mostly of the same people who were involved in 2006, advocates (including a former senior DEC staff), local government and snowmobile groups. Why not some fresh voices with actual trail building and maintenance experience? Josh from BETA is a good start but you need more like him; get Walt Linck involved and maybe other retired staff from APA who worked on trail design. This process will take long enough, let’s get it right from the start.

  3. Tom Paine says

    Gee, another committee. Who would have guessed. After the court ruling on cutting trees and trails the Adirondack Park counties, towns, villages and user groups on this committee have no trust for NYS, NYSDEC and especially the Environmental lobby. The Environmental lobby, who will show up at the meetings claiming they want to work together when their media allies are present. As soon as media leaves, they are on their phones to their lawyers in Albany and NYC scheming behind the backs of the rest of committee. It is very clear they have never bargained in good faith and never will. Their ultimate goal is very clear and they admit it. The removal of people from the park who do not follow their religious dogma.

  4. Leo says

    Interesting the Peter thinks the ruling was done out of spite, is that because it now impacts his desires and trails? Good for one is good for another. Lots of comments and pictures about hiking and biking trails and repairs or hardscaping that is happening to prevent erosion from all the hikers. Take a look at the alleged damaging and all destructive snowmobile trails in the park, how many of them once completed need more work done on them because the users are causing erosion to the land? Every improvement made on snowmobile trails is to lessen the impact to the land and the users around it, coupled with snowmobile trails pay their own way for trail maintenance, will this committee move towards that as well for non motorized users?

  5. Adkskibum says

    Bauer’s nose is out of joint, cry, cry cry…. Be careful what you wish for Peter, you might just get it. And you did, in spades!

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