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  1. Boreas says:

    Basil Seggos needs to go – hopefully to be replaced by someone who knows what Rangers do every day – often working overtime with lack of rest and in severe/dangerous conditions.

  2. Robert Clark says:

    Interesting read and I definitely think we need to add more Forest Rangers and Assistant Forest Rangers but one important factor not mentioned in this article is technology. Service is better than it was 10 years ago and more people have cell phones, definitely a contributing factor when more people are able to make emergency calls than ever before. “If you have twice as many people in the woods, you’re going to have twice as many calls,” and If you have more people in the woods that have and are relying on cell phones those calls will increase even more. Just another reason we need to #addnysrangers and education!

  3. Aboreal says:

    I think that’s a short sighted comment. Seggos has been the best commissioner that I’ve seen in over 20 years. The issues discussed in the article require more than just throwing more Rangers at the problem. (There’s no such thing as an Adirondack Forest Ranger, and the writing seems to suggest that there are 135 Rangers assigned to the Adirondacks. There aren’t. It’s only about 60).

    Building A well marked and sustainable trail system that is maintained by full time, professional Trail crews would undoubtedly decrease the number of injuries and searches. Building adequate parking facilities and educational hubs would allow Rangers to do more Comprehensive and preventative education, instead of being forced to Waste time writing parking tickets on busy weekends

    • Fairness says:

      Please consider that you might be overly critical of the term “Adirondack Forest Ranger” Its simply more concise than “Forest Rangers stationed in the Adirondacks”. The study was on Adirondack incidents. Curious why you believe Seggos has been a better commissioner than Granis or Martens?

  4. Darren Bullard says:

    The added amount of people using the trail systems has also added to the response from local volunteer fire and rescue departments.

  5. Paul says:

    This number 346 I assume comes from the DEC statistic found on page 62 of the report below.

    This number is NOT the number of ranger S&R’s for the Adirondacks (as the title suggests) this is the total number for NYS. I think either this article or the paper it cites in wrong.


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