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  1. Ginger Hannah says

    Fabulous story! I love the way the article is so creatively written by Liza Frenette, making you feel like you’re on the trail with them. What a wonderful story of Jim Frenette Sr.’s dream to have permanent trails for all to enjoy – his ingenious night-light system – and his determination and perseverance in the face of “you can’t do it!” How generous of the Hull family to donate the land. Add to that all the volunteers over the years who built it and groom it, and the people who enjoy it, and it’s pure joy in the making! The article and the story give us all hope that our dreams can come true too! Thank you!

  2. Joe Kozlina says

    Again, I am the one to point out the lunacy of lighting up the night in order to ski in the woods. It is called the wilderness for a reason. It is supposed to be Wild. Yes, solar is better than wires, and yes it is nice to see where you are going, and yes its nice that the lights are motion sensitive. What is not nice is the disruption of the Night. We are given the night by the rotation of the earth and so as the story goes, we as humans, want to control the night. When will it end. Again we pat our fellow humans on the back for doing so, again and again. How about we protect the night from unnatural light and in doing so we protect the Adirondacks. I know we are all in favor of that because that is why many want to come here. If we light the pathways up like a city than you just have another central park.

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