Five things about Dave Fadden

    • One of Dave Fadden’s mosaic paintings. Photo by Mike Lynch.

    A painter, he comes from a family of artists. His grandfather did beadwork; his father is a painter; his mother, a wood carver, potter, and bead artist. Both of his brothers are also painters.

  1. He hid Darth Vader’s face—and two other Star Wars images—in one of his mosaics.
  2. Dave never told a story in front of his grandfather, though he knows he heard him tell one once from another room.
  3. He is working with the Wild Center to redesign an exhibit to reflect the Native American philosophy toward the environment, which he says should be completed by this time next year. “It’s a great opportunity to reach a lot of people with a positive message about the earth and environment.”
  4. His favorite items in the museum are an ancient pottery bowl found locally and his grandfather’s beadwork.

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