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9 Responses

  1. Richard says:

    They should team up with Les Otten and his Balsams Resort project in NH – another pie-in-the-sky development idea.

  2. Joan Grabe says:

    I cannot believe that we are still discussing the proposed ACR when it has been apparent for years that the project was dead in the water. We have been deluded by a passel of true snakes, Foxman, Lawson et al, and a reluctance to face reality. Just say Amen and turn our attention to projects that truly will benefit the town of Tupper Lake.

  3. Maybe this will scuttle the whole thing – I hope.

  4. David E Wood says:

    The great state of NY should be made to pay these fees. It is a travesty that any business has to fight and incur huge debt to get approval to exist. 10 years is 8 years too long to get approval.

    • Loretta Anne Buerkle says:

      I agree David. It’s unfortunate that people with dreams and goals for economic development are squashed by legal fees to get approval for this project. I can only hope this news brings attention back to the project- I fully support the developers.

  5. Larry says:

    My small business is owed nearly $9,000 for goods and services as well. And another business I know of is owed $7,200.

  6. Joseph Van Gelder says:

    Well put Joan. Snakes is all they are.

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