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  1. James Relyea says

    An out of state fee would make the most sense. All you see in the adirondacks from April until October is New Jersey and Connecticut license plates. That’s where all the congestion comes from, is from outsiders who dont pay the state taxes required to maintain the trails and wildlife

  2. Paul Gebhard says

    How about hiring more rangers, so they can educate these new hikers and train them up to be advocates for wild spaces? While they’re at it, drop the speed limit around the Cascade and Giant trailhead to 35 mph and spend some money trail hardening to stand up to the beating these trails are taking!

  3. Marisa Muratori says

    Of course the Adirondacks need better management and user permits. Overuse is happening because the State, local chambers of commerce, 4 color glossy magazines, resort businesses etc. market, market, market the Adirondacks day in and day out. Pretty pictures and the promise of wilderness and adventure has brought folks here. Permit fees would provide the means to pay for essential resource management.

  4. Roger J Jette says

    I agree that a permit system is needed. A maximum of 20 permits per day, first come first serve and closing all approaches from the ADK lodge, the single largest destroyer of the high peaks in existence.

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