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Adirondack Explorer

April, 2018

Should state buy the Tahawus rail line?

The controversy over the use of a thirty-mile rail line in the central Adirondacks got a lot more interesting in recent weeks. The railroad that has been storing empty tank cars on the line–to the consternation of state and local officials–now wants out. Ed Ellis, president of Iowa Pacific Holdings, told Warren County supervisors in March that he wants to sell the line to the county for $5 million. If he doesn’t get the money, Ellis warned, his subsidiary, Saratoga and North Creek Railway, would cease operations. S&NCR intends to shut down Saturday (April 7). As the railway’s name suggests, >>More

November, 2017

Tank Cars Stored Near Opalescent And Boreas

In flight over rail line, Protect the Adirondacks spots tank cars being stored in three locations.

October, 2017

Aerial Photo Shows Tanker Cars Near Boreas River

Last week, Iowa Pacific Holdings told Warren County officials it would back off its plan to store empty tanker cars on tracks in the Adirondacks if the county compensated it for lost revenue. The company estimates the revenue would be seven figures. No money was forthcoming, and this week Iowa Pacific moved more than two dozen tanker cars through the Adirondacks to park them on a siding near the Boreas River in the town of Minerva. Click here to watch a video of the cars moving through North River. The aerial photo above shows just how close to the Boreas >>More