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Adirondack Explorer

August, 2009

Brown pelican in Adirondacks

For the past week, Adirondack birders have been marveling about a brown pelican first spotted on Fourth Lake in the Old Forge-Inlet region. Normally, brown pelicans reside along coasts in more southern climes. They breed as far north as Virginia in summer and live year-round along the Gulf Coast. It’s the state bird of Louisiana. John M.C. Peterson, one of the authors of Adirondack Birding, says this is the first brown pelican seen in this neck of the woods. Peterson keeps records of bird sightings in the Adirondack-Champlain region for the New York State Ornithological Association. As defined by the >>More

July, 2009

A rare sighting

Sometimes it seems like half the people in the Adirondacks have seen a panther. Heck, I thought I saw one myself last year. But a spruce-grouse sighting–now that’s a real rarity. As reported in the Explorer this year, the spruce grouse is one of the most endangered birds in the Adirondack Park (and the state). The birds live in patches of boreal habitat more characteristic of northern Canada than northern New York. Over the past two decades, the number of “birding blocks” in the Park where the bird has been sighted has dropped 26 percent, from twenty-seven to a mere >>More

June, 2009

Brainy bruin a master thief

Bear screws open food canisters.

June, 2009

Adirondack Birding Festival

When birders alight on Hamilton County

May, 2009

Crazy about coyotes

Jon Way began studying the eastern canids way back in high school.

May, 2009

The awakening woods

A red trillium by any other name …

May, 2009

Gunning for moose

Sportsmen call for a hunting season

May, 2009

Fish or flower?

Early blooms on an Adirondack peak.