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Adirondack Explorer

June, 2009

McCulley case drags on

DEC attorney asks Grannis to clarify his decision

May, 2009

Lake Lila road update

It’s now open

May, 2009

Lake Lila road closed

Unhappy ending to a great canoe trip

May, 2009

Spring again

More on the closing of King Phillip’s spring.

May, 2009

Is Lows Lake Wilderness?

APA to hold hearings on classification of the lake and adjacent lands.

April, 2009

Spring fling

DEC closes a popular watering hole.

April, 2009

Pilots win reprieve

Floatplanes to continue landing on Lows Lake.

April, 2009

Two-wheelin’ & four-wheelin’

A sunny day in spring brings out the ATVs.