Value nature over development

I’m concerned about Hamilton County Planning Director Ann Melious’s thoughts about bringing development to her county [Talk of the Towns, May/June 2013].

Just what is the appeal of the Adirondacks? Why do people want to venture up here in the first place? People from around the world come to the Adirondacks because of the Park’s open space, its wildness, nature at its best.

If people want noise, fun and games, a hot-dog stand every twenty feet, let them go to one of New York’s theme parks. There are Lake Placid and Old Forge that offer such entertainment. Blue Mountain Lake, Saranac Lake, and Tupper Lake offer museums and educational facilities.

Some probably consider folks who live up here to be living in the past. Really, is that so bad? Look around. Is today so great? All-terrain vehicles making all kinds of noise and tearing up the landscape?

My home here in Madison County is country and then some! I like it that way and that’s probably why I love the Adirondacks so much. The nearest grocery is five or six miles, the nearest pharmacy is about ten miles, and a city is twenty-five miles. A little inconvenient at times, but I prefer it that way.

What I see is Big Business wanting to turn the Park into a common everyday settlement. All they see is money to be made and then they leave town.

For me, give me nature and a little roughing it.

Vic Nelson, Sheds

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