Tours could help elderly enjoy Park

Since 1957 I have been a summer resident in the High Peaks. Never a Forty-Sixer, I was a Twenty-Sevener and greatly enjoyed numerous lesser peaks. Now approaching my eighty-ninth year, last summer all I could manage was the lovely one-mile trail through the woods adjoining the Ausable River at the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington.

This got me thinking: How can the elderly, the handicapped, and yes, probably some of the very young get to enjoy the deep beauties of the Park.

Then I thought of a daydream I started having a few years back of all the places in the Park I’d like to visit but I’d never seen. I’ve now made it to Port Henry with its small but fascinating mining museum, to Keeseville and its bridges and colorfully restored Main Street, to the Wild Center, to the Adirondack Museum.

From Keene even the drives to Blue Mountain Lake or the Wild Center take the edge off one’s energies, especially if the back of your mind is contemplating the drive back. I wondered if there would be a place for cultural/scenic bus tours that take several days with overnight bookings in the area of a group of places of interest (with the bonus of curtailed automotive fuel expense and pollution).

Enid K. Rubin, New York

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