Baldface Mountain a great find

Thanks for your story about Baldface Mountain [Return to Debar Pond, July/August 2014”]. Ted Mack and I bushwhacked it last week and enjoyed lunch with a view.

As you said in your article the woods were pretty open until the dog-hair spruce toward the summit. We did get a bit turned around on the way down, coming out at the south end of the pond initially. There is a huge old metal culvert, partially flattened, in the inlet at that end of the pond, and I was wondering what use it might have been put to. Any thoughts?

We also had a nice paddle on the pond prior to the climb and were treated to quite a display by several loons, apparently a territorial dispute, or maybe an interloper trying to edge out a rival. Ted does a bit of trapping winters, so he was checking for beaver, mink, and muskrat sign as well.

The view from Baldface Mountain. Photo by Susan Bibeau
The view from Baldface Mountain.
Photo by Susan Bibeau

What a gorgeous spot!

The Explorer has given me another nice memory. Keep up the good work.

Kirk Peterson, Lake Clear

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