Brief Bio: Peggy O’Shea

Peggy O’Shea

Age: “Old enough to have learned a few things along the way (or sixty-eight years).”

Birthplace: Buffalo.

Residence: Barneveld.

Occupation: Interim executive director at View, the arts center in Old Forge.

Accomplishments: “As past president/ CEO of the Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties, I led efforts to reposition the organization from a reactive grant-maker to a proactive transformational community investor. In working with any institution I prefer the climb more than the view from top.”

Favorite hike: “It would be a tie between Black Bear Mountain in Inlet (or is it Eagle Bay?) and Gothics in the High Peaks. Black Bear is close to home, making it quickly accessible; it’s a lovely climb through forest paths and over open rock. Once I climbed it three times in a week. Gothics was my first ‘wow’ climb. I loved the last push that included the handholds—it felt like a challenge and thus an accomplishment. Great fun!”

Favorite view: “Any view on Route 73 from Lake Placid to Keene Valley and on the road to Heart Lake. I always have to get out of my car and take it in.”

Why I love the Adirondacks: “Author Norman Maclean said that he was ‘haunted by waters’ in his novel A River Runs Through It; I am haunted by mountains and sustained in their presence.”

Memorable wildlife experience: “Hearing owls call to one another in the twilight.”

If I were in charge of the Park: “I would listen to all voices and know that when lines are drawn and sides are taken everyone must be willing to give a little. Leadership is critical. As the authors of Balancing Nature and Commerce write: ‘vision from the bottom up and build consensus.’”

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