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Adirondack Explorer

March, 2019

New York budget deal bans single-use plastic bags; poll shows support

The overall package of bills the Senate and Assembly were expected to approve would authorize spending $175.5 billion in the fiscal year that was set to begin April 1.

March, 2019

Sewage overflows heighten budget debate

The primary causes of sewage overflows statewide are rain and snowmelt that infiltrate sanitary sewer systems and overwhelm treatment plants

March, 2019

DEC requests another hold on rail line abandonment

The DEC abandonment filing noted that the state has added nearly 70,000 acres of wildlands since 2012 that either lie along or would be accessible from the line, which “could represent an unparalleled opportunity to provide public access to some of the Adirondack Park’s most beautiful wild spaces.”

January, 2019

DEC commissioner defends current ranger staffing

NYS rangers

Scott van Laer, a ranger in the High Peaks Wilderness and a union representative, urged legislators to add staffing. There are 106 field rangers statewide and some supervisors, and 50 permanent rangers who patrol 2.6 million acres in the Adirondacks. That compares to 330 federal rangers who patrol the Yellowstone National Park’s 2.2 million acres, he said.