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Adirondack Explorer

April, 2019

Four bids received for rail line to North Creek

Bidders are expected to propose freight and possible passenger excursions, maintain the tracks and infrastructure, and its connections to Canadian Pacific and points south, according to the bid request.

March, 2019

New York budget deal bans single-use plastic bags; poll shows support

The overall package of bills the Senate and Assembly were expected to approve would authorize spending $175.5 billion in the fiscal year that was set to begin April 1.

March, 2019

NY Legislature lowers limit for hunting while intoxicated

Hunting while intoxicated is a misdemeanor under New York’s conservation law, which cites the risk of injury and death to those hunters and others.

March, 2019

Sewage overflows heighten budget debate

The primary causes of sewage overflows statewide are rain and snowmelt that infiltrate sanitary sewer systems and overwhelm treatment plants

March, 2019

DEC requests another hold on rail line abandonment

The DEC abandonment filing noted that the state has added nearly 70,000 acres of wildlands since 2012 that either lie along or would be accessible from the line, which “could represent an unparalleled opportunity to provide public access to some of the Adirondack Park’s most beautiful wild spaces.”

March, 2019

From littering to illegal camping: An Adirondack summer’s violations compiled

The Adirondack Explorer sought 2018 ranger tickets in connection with a story in the March-April magazine about how an increasing work load for rangers has led to a decline in the number of tickets issues over the last decade.

March, 2019

NY lawmakers pass gun-storage requirement


The storage or locking requirement would apply to guns that are out of the owner’s “immediate possession or control.”

February, 2019

DEC eyes improvements to forestry tax breaks

Established under a 1974 amendment to an earlier law, the 480-A program provides owners of 50 acres or more tax incentives for “continued production of forest crops.” The state is looking for ways to enroll more owners.

February, 2019

DEC maintains stance on paddling rights

In December, State Supreme Court Justice Richard Aulisi, after hearing three weeks of trial testimony, reversed his own initial ruling in the lawsuit brought by the landowners who want strangers kept off their lands and waters.

February, 2019

Talks continue on purchase of Tahawus rail line

The DEC had objected to Iowa Pacific storing idled freight and tanker cars on its tracks inside the Adirondack Forest Preserve last winter. The cars were removed last spring.


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